Dua Lipa: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert

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The Tiny Desk is working from home for the foreseeable future. Introducing NPR Music's Tiny Desk (home) concerts, bringing you performances from across the country and the world. It's the same spirit - stripped-down sets, an intimate setting - just a different space.
Dec. 4, 2020 | Abby O'Neill -- With a genuine smile stretched across her face, Dua Lipa seems overjoyed to reconnect with her band for their only performance since their tour in support of her sophomore album, Future Nostalgia, was cancelled in March. Glowing from the inside out and accentuated by the apricot hues of a backdrop in a London studio, Dua and her backup vocalists and band bring life and warmth into households in need of "levitating" and some pep in their step this winter. This vibrant four song set of dance hits, all from Future Nostalgia, will surely have you cutting up the floor in your kitchen while quarantining in the cold weather.
While we can't film our Tiny Desk concerts at NPR's D.C. office during the pandemic, our "home" series has created opportunity for global megastars like Dua Lipa to bring her uptempo dance joints all the way from London. Of Kosovar Albanian descent, Dua Lipa was raised in the UK and rose to super stardom in the three years since her eponymous debut album dropped in 2017. NPR Music featured her in our docu-series Noteworthy at the onset of her career. It's been extraordinary to witness her colossal takeover of the pop music landscape. Dua sums the times during her intro of "Love Again": "It's about manifesting good things into your life, when things aren't quite going your way."
"Pretty Please"
"Love Again"
"Don't Start Now"
Dua Lipa: vocals
Matthew Carroll: bass
Alex Lanyon: guitar
Naomi Scarlett: vocals
Ciara O'Connor: vocals
Izzy Chase: vocals
Matt Maijah: vocals
Video: Ceremony London, James Barnes
Audio: WFB Live, Will Nicholson
Producer: Abby O'Neill
Video Producer: Morgan Noelle Smith
Audio Mastering: Josh Rogosin
Associate Producer
Tiny Production Team: Bob Boilen, Kara Frame, Maia Stern
Executive Producer: Lauren Onkey
Senior VP, Programming: Anya Grundmann


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      As long as you don't serve up any more playback videos

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      Pure 💩! NPR you have terrible taste in so called music.

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      Sorry 😞 angry 😠😡 iTunes 90% sure.! Xepex

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  2. Shoyo Hinata
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    А так я с Тик Тока

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    This is My favorita Tiny Desk npr.

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    when ur mom is too talkaltive, then u hear & watch this ur headache will change to normal mode. Trust me

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    Nicolas Andres Nuñez
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    Guitar sound is amazing.

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    God I love her voice 😍

  9. Christian Nicole
    Christian Nicole
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    So I had my ALget auto-played in the background and I thought that the song was "Into You" on the first few sec of the vid sksksk I even sang "I'm so into you' then I heard the guitar strums then whaaattt its Levitating

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    sheesh she is perfect

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    qué mina sexy!

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    Don't Start Now: 12:20

  13. neti_neti
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    the whole team behind this production (her label and tiny desk) and the team we see in front of us, kudos to y'all. it's crafted so well, you know it took experienced minds

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    If you only have 15 min of life lasting. Here a thing

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    какая же она классная❤️

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    Rufio the Janitor
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    The name Dua Lipa I've seen many times before, but I never listened to any of her songs until I stumbled across this lil concert. I like this sound, especially the first two songs. Only thing is when I listened to these same songs on spotify I didn't really enjoy the commercial sound it had to it. I prefer the sound of these live versions.

  18. Muzic For You
    Muzic For You
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    3:03 voice?

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    From Russia with love*)

  20. Jane Fonda
    Jane Fonda
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    She has a typical albanian voice, sounds like she sings through the nose a bit

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    Это просто шикарно

  22. P!V
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    She is just awesome

  23. Ana Marković
    Ana Marković
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    Yass, true Balkan royal reallness!! Queen! Saw this jam so many times I feel like a proper groupie.. :)

  24. Mad Satchel
    Mad Satchel
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    Love this! Someone tell me what the one dude singer is wearing though. Is that a tunic? Either way. Props! Love the organic-ness of this and the tape player too!

  25. Caroline Mattedi
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    tudo nessa vida

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    All I see is full playback. This is pointless.

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    1. Aaron Martínez Salazar
      Aaron Martínez Salazar
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      Es verdad somos unas de las únicas personas que balan español En este video lol

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    Голос прекрасный

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    Еуу жаным сол😘

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    Русские здесь?

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    0:21 кайфую

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  38. xPuls4r
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    She don’t need auto tune 😍

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    Alex Born
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    So talented

  40. eric martinez sanchez
    eric martinez sanchez
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    Flawless! Im in love whit this woman 😍😍😍

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    tan rica ella

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  43. Richard Lycett
    Richard Lycett
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    My oh my... I’ve sung in choirs, played in orchestras and like everything from Purcell through to well, Dua.... Soooooo missing live music... this has made my day. Love Again... wow.

  44. Robert Garcia
    Robert Garcia
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    Yaaassss Matt Maijah giving me level 1 adventurer realness!

  45. jjohnsonTL
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    every song here is excellent

  46. Susan Otusanya
    Susan Otusanya
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    The band is having so much fun, love it!

  47. Hernán Patricio Bravo-irátchet Arriagada.
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    muaccc baby

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    Gorgeous!! stunning woman

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    1:01 - my favourite part, she's so beautiful))

  50. Thiare Licanqueo
    Thiare Licanqueo
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    me encantaa

  51. kjrosado
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    I get a Red Hot Chili Peppers “Road Trippin’” vibe from that version of Love Again.

    Ditë më parë

    LOL That dude just get rescued from sea???

  53. Fernanda Alejandro Escalante
    Fernanda Alejandro Escalante
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    perfec dualipal love ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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    Love Again slow version is so good 😊

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    Негру микрофон забыли включить

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    у мурашки по коже от ее вокала🛐🛐🛐

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    12:31 moment that you realize that is a man.

  58. Roberto A. Ledesma Valverde
    Roberto A. Ledesma Valverde
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    she´s hermosaaaaa

  59. ruben7192
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    6:16 da flow

  60. Andrews
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    That's not a Tiny Desk Concert. 🤨 That's a full on Music Video Studio Production. Dislike

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    uzumaki mavis
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    Who’s from tik tok?

  62. Nicky Doto
    Nicky Doto
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    She’s such a baddie

  63. Cynthia Rose Rosario
    Cynthia Rose Rosario
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    Wow impressive. They sounded perfect. Dua is killing it. I love her voice. Dancing is better too.

  64. Mike Johnson
    Mike Johnson
    2 ditë më parë

    When did Spike Lee become a back up singer?

  65. S. Sarah Choi
    S. Sarah Choi
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    They looks like they’re having so much fun - love it ❤️

  66. Dorota Gabriela Krzyżanowska h. Dębno
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  67. elvi kam
    elvi kam
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    Wow, Dua Lipa. Wow wow wow. Thank you so much for the bueatiful music

  68. Yara Petry
    Yara Petry
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    Can't get enough of her voice.

  69. Smarte Chick
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    She's PROVEN her voice.. why the haters marking "don't like"?

  70. JJ Benitez
    JJ Benitez
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    Inicio : El diablo de Miguel Bosé

  71. Jerry Hdz
    Jerry Hdz
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    Dua Lipa ... TE AMO .

  72. seventh child
    seventh child
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    Heard a Brilliant remixed version of this on a Pirate Radio Station in the UK, of Pretty Please. I had no problem recognising who was singing. My Favourite Dua Lipa song.

  73. Jason Shaw
    Jason Shaw
    2 ditë më parë

    I am a metal/punk rock guy. This is absolutely AMAZING changing me forever.

    1. Jason Shaw
      Jason Shaw
      11 orë më parë

      @Williams Family midriffs are plentiful, performances this good are rare

    2. Chris E
      Chris E
      11 orë më parë

      @Williams Family weird thing to say

    3. Williams Family
      Williams Family
      12 orë më parë

      Is it her music or is it her midriff that has changed you?

  74. Kim Edison
    Kim Edison
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    What a great spirit! Love her music, enthusiasm, and warmth.

  75. nestelone
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    she is gorgeous

  76. Mike Mckinnon
    Mike Mckinnon
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    The bass player is making lint jealous, he’s so deep in that pocket.

    1. S.F.T
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  78. Fatih Yılmazer
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    Please continue. Your beautiful voice makes us forget about the pandemic and makes us happy🥰❤️❤️

  79. Ermak • 3 года назад
    Ermak • 3 года назад
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    If you wanna run away with me, I know a galaxy And I can take you for a ride I had a premonition that we fell into a rhythm Where the music don't stop for life Glitter in the sky, glitter in my eyes Shining just the way I like If you're feeling like you need a little bit of company You met me at the perfect time

  80. Rob in
    Rob in
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    How could they leave out the Cowbell? Srsly?

  81. Carlos Perez
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    Es la mejor canción uuuuuuuuummmmmm

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    I LOVE U

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    DUA LIPA❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    Love again is so fking GOOOOOD!

  89. HammerBann
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    Does anyone know how we don‘t hear any plosives from her voice, although her mic doesn’t have a pop filter in front of it?

  90. valeria valenzuela vargas
    valeria valenzuela vargas
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    se me ponen los pelos de punta con love again

  91. bob michalczik
    bob michalczik
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    can she just talk to me until i go to sleep.... :)

  92. Saif Moussa
    Saif Moussa
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    Dua Lipa is my wife, she just doesn't know it yet.

  93. Lord Commissar Yarrick
    Lord Commissar Yarrick
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    i am just curious, what does the earpiece she wears do? or what does it supply?

  94. Santiago Osuna
    Santiago Osuna
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    dua lipa t amo

  95. Tara Smylie
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    Fact: at least half of the 20+ million views are from me

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    She's soooo hot!!!!

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    inferno de linda ela ...

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  100. Raquel Riquelme Meseguer
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    Dua Lipa me gusta pero con todos respetos el Tiny Desk (Home) de C Tangana le da mil vueltas a este es una obra de arte 💃💃💃👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼